Color Services

Kismet Salon solely uses Aveda hair color. All color services include a style.

Bleach Retouch/Blowout121+
Bleach retouch to your new growth at the root.
Bleach Retouch/ Haircut130 +
Bleach retouch to new growth at root.
Retouch & Blowout80+
Retouch & Haircut$97+
Full Color & Blowout$99+
Full Color & Haircut$118+
Partial Foil & Blowout$111+
Partial Foil & Haircut$145+
Full Foil & Blowout$140+
Full Foil & Haircut$168+
Partial Foil, Retouch & Blowout$155+
Partial Foil, Retouch & Haircut$175+
Full Foil, Retouch & Blowout$175+
Full Foil, Retouch & Haircut$203+
Balayage or Ombre & Blowout$155+
Balayage or Ombre & Haircut$190+
Corrective Colorrequires a consultation for pricing
Base Bump$25+
Add this onto your highlight service to enhance your natural color and brighten it.